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What to expect in a yoga class 


You don't need to buy any special clothing for a yoga class. Wear comfortable clothing you can stretch and move around in freely. Bring a warm top and a blanket for the relaxation. I have mats and blocks in the class that you can use. If after a few classes you find you want to start practicing yoga at home then I suggest you buy your own mat. A non stick mat is best. 

Please try to arrive 10 mins early for class. This allows time to get settled for the class to start promptly. 

The class starts with a short settling practice, sitting quietly, with awareness on sensations within the body and the breath. Then moving onto physical postures or movements ( asanas )  where you synchronize movements with your breath. Asanas can involve lying, sitting or standing on your mat ( or sitting on a chair ) . Modifications and adaptions are offered to suit individual health needs.  Please don't be afraid to ask for help , that's what I'm here for . 


Once the asana class is completed the class moves onto seated breathing or meditation practices with a relaxation to end the class.



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